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Dental Surgery

When dental issues become too complicated for simple treatments, dental surgeries may be necessary to restore your smile’s health. Palmdale Children and Family Dentistry and Orthodontics offers a wide range of dental surgery services to help you achieve optimal oral health. Our team of skilled dental experts is committed to providing safe and comfortable treatments that minimize your discomfort and speed up your recovery.

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Tooth Extractions: Safe and Painless Procedure

Tooth extraction is a common surgical procedure that we perform at Palmdale Children and Family Dentistry and Orthodontics. We remove teeth that have been damaged beyond repair, impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that are overcrowding the mouth. Our smile experts ensure the extraction process is safe and painless. We also provide post-operative instructions to help you manage discomfort and quickly recover.

Root Canals: Preserve Your Natural Teeth

When the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected or damaged, a root canal procedure may be necessary to save your natural tooth. Our team of dental professionals uses state-of-the-art techniques to perform root canals safely and efficiently. We ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure and offer sedation options to alleviate any anxiety you may have.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: Prevent Future Oral Health Issues

Wisdom teeth can cause significant problems, including pain, swelling, and infection. Our team has extensive experience in wisdom teeth removal procedures. We use the latest techniques to ensure that your wisdom teeth are removed safely and efficiently, preventing future oral health issues.

We prioritize your oral health and comfort at Palmdale Children and Family Dentistry and Orthodontics. Our highly skilled and experienced team provides safe and effective surgical procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our dental surgery services and schedule a consultation.

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